ripxplore is a command line tool + libraries (all in ruby) for manipulating disk format images used by vintage computer emulators.

This library is used by peekbot, an online tool that can explore web archives of disk images.

ripxplore.rb [switches] 

 -a | --add FILENAME       (*) add file
 -c | --catalog            display catalog
 -d | --dump FILENAME      hex dump
 -D | --diskdump           hex dump of entire disk
 -e | --extract FILENAME   extract file by name (either to stdout,
                           or file specified by --output)
 -h | --help               display this message
 -I | --init FILESYSTEM    initialise the disk with the specified filesytem
                           DSK will be created if it doesn't exist.
                           FILESYSTEM can be : AppleDos, AppleCPM,
                            BeautifulBoot, CbmDos
 -l | --list FILENAME      BASIC files are listed, binary files are disassembled
 -o | --output FILENAME    specify name to save extracted file as
 -r | --raw                don't convert files to ASCII
 -S | --showtrace          show full stack trace on any error
 -t | --filetype FILETYPE  file type for file being added.
 -V | --verbose            verbose mode
 -v | --version            show version number

       files with extension .gz will be read & written using gzip
       input files can be URLs

Currently supported image formats:

  DSK images as used by Apple 2 emulators
  DSK images as used by Tandy CoCo emulators
  DSK images as used by TI 99/4a emulators
  JV1 DSK images as used by TRS-80 emulators
  D64 images as used by C64 emulators
  ATR images as used by Atari 400/800 emulators

       Currently supported filesystems:
  Atari DOS            (read only)
  Apple Pascal         (read only)
  Apple CP/M           (READ/WRITE)
  Apple DOS 3.3        (READ/WRITE)
  NADOL                (read only)
  ProDOS 8             (read only)
  CBM DOS 2.6          (READ/WRITE)
  TRS-DOS              (read only)

Jonno Downes - jonno at
Sun Feb 06 15:10:40 +1100 2011